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Womens Orthotic Friendly Shoes

So, you were prescribed orthotics and now you're a bit worried about how that will affect your style. Wearing custom orthotics doesn't have to mean you're limited in your footwear options. If you think that the only shoes that can accommodate orthotic inserts are clunky and basic in design– you're about to be proven wrong. At Footgear we've prepared an amazing range of fashionable women's orthotic shoes so you can look your best and support the health of your feet and body at the same time. From slip-ons to trainers, sandals, boots and more - you can find a variety of trendy options with removable soles designed to discreetly fit orthotic aids. Browse our gorgeous selection of durable, breathable and supportive shoes and get your pair of women’s orthotic shoes for every season and every occasion without sacrificing style for comfort!