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Wide Fittings


  • Always search for style listed as a wide fit (or regular/ wide fit if Birkenstock or Revere).
  • It's best to go with a style that has lace or strap adjustents. For sandals check out our range of Revere sandals that come with strap extensions to allow to longer adjustments.
  • Some shoes include a wide fit insert adjustment so you can remove the full footbed and replace it with this to give your foot more room in the shoe. This includes our ECCO Soft 7.0 Sneaker and all Frankie4 sneakers.
  • In a lace-up, try skipping the the eyelet that sits at the widest part of your foot. This can help relieve pressure at this area.
  • In some cases, where available, trying a 1/2 size up may also give your foot the width it needs.
  • We have staff with wide feet too!!! When looking through our range, make sure to check through the tips from the shop floor, our staff with wider feet always let us know what shoes work well for them so we can let you know too.*

Women's Wide Fit

Men's Wide Fit

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* We know our shoes and your podiatrist/healthcare professional knows your feet. It’s always best to check with your healthcare professional about what you should be looking for in a shoe. We’re always happy to help direct you from there. We recommend trailing your new shoes on a clean floor, inside, where they won’t mark, to make sure you are happy. You can use the returns period time to check the shoes with your podiatrist or healthcare professional if you’re unsure before you start wearing them out and about. Footgear cannot guarantee a shoe will fix a condition for you.

Wider Fit Brands