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Specialised fittings should be used as a GUIDE ONLY and you need to check with your health professional for what best suits you.

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It's not worth spending your life in shoes that are too small, too tight and overall – not right. But when you have a wider foot, finding shoes that fit you ideally can feel like mission impossible, right? Well, not when you begin your search at the right place. At Footgear, we've got all your needs covered! Check out our hand picked collection of wider fitting shoes that will ensure you feel confident and comfortable in. Here are some tips when choosing a shoe for a wider fit:

  • Search for styles listed as Wide (or Regular if Birkenstock)
  • Look for styles with adjustable laces or straps
  • Look for styles with strap extensions
  • Look for styles that include wide fit insert adjustments.
  • Try a 1/2 size up to give more width without adding too much length.
  • Check our tips from the shop floor to see if our staff with wide feet suit that style
  • Always trial your shoes 1st at home as everyone's feet are different.

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If you have a narrower foot, a fore-foot cushion might be your new best friend! If you find yourself in a style that’s feeling too wide and you want to adjust the fit, we have a few tips & tricks that may help.

  • Try a Forefoot cushion in the front of your shoe.
  • Look for shoes with adjustable laces or straps.
  • Check for styles in a Narrow fit
  • Check our tips from the shop floor to see if our staff with narrow feet wear that style.
  • Always trial your shoes 1st at home as everyone's feet are different.

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When your foot problems are frustrating you, finding the right shoes that meets your health, comfort and style needs can be a time-consuming ordeal. At Footgear, we want to make this task easier for you and that's why we've assembled an extensive collection of orthopedic shoes with modern designs to cater to your tastes. Footgear’s range includes podiatrist recommended shoes that support and cushion the feet, while helping to heal existing problems and improve posture. Whether you need trainers, slip-ons, sandals or boots – we carry podiatrist shoes suitable for every occasion. Explore our range of popular comfort footwear brands such as ECCO, Frankie4, Revere, Birkenstock and Naot. Find a pair of fashionable orthopedic shoes that you love and get relief from foot pain and posture problems while also staying stylish. We offer free shipping on all orders over $130 AUD and a 30 day returns policy for your peace of mind.

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When you're affected by claw toes, most of the footwear on the market can cause your toes to rub against each other or on the upper of the shoe; this can make even the smallest of steps painful. To alleviate the discomfort and avoid exacerbating the condition, it's crucial to wear only specific types of shoes. At Footgear, you can find a variety of orthopedic shoes for claw toes with flexible soft and breathable uppers and high and broad toe boxes that can accommodate your foot perfectly and minimize friction against the toes. Some of our products also feature removable footbed which allow them to be used with orthotic insoles to make living with the condition more bearable. Explore our specialised claw toe shoe range which includes sandals, trainers and flats by leading comfort footwear brands such as ECCO, Fitflop and Revere.

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When it comes to picking shoes, take some advice from Goldilocks and make sure they aren't too tight nor too wide, but just right. Otherwise, you're at risk of developing painful and irritating foot problems such as Metatarsalgia. If you're already affected by Metatarsalgia, you're probably struggling with activities that require you to get on your feet, like running and walking. But with the right shoes and podiatrist, you can get back to leading an active lifestyle. At Footgear, you can find a variety of metatarsalgia shoes that are adjustable and conform to your feet for a perfect fit, thus reducing the pressure on muscles, bones and nerves; and ultimately helping to prevent inflammation on the ball of your foot. Whether you're looking for trainers, sandals, slip-ons or thongs – we carry a variety of metatarsal pain relief shoes by Birkenstock, Fitflop and Revere - brands known for their exceptional quality and focus on foot health.

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Living with a heel spur isn't easy, but life can be easier with the help of shoes specifically designed to provide relief from heel pain. At Footgear, we've put together a special range of heel spur shoes that come with beneficial features such as great arch support, supreme cushioning, flexibility, shock-absorbent soles and removable insoles, if you need to use orthotic aids. Our range of shoes for heel spur can give your feet enough comfort and support to alleviate the pain and live life to the fullest. You can choose from a wide range of flats, sandals and boots available in a variety of materials and colours to provide you with comfort in every situation. Explore our amazing range of orthopedic shoes for heel spurs by leading comfort footwear brands such as Arcopedico, ECCO, Fitflop and Frankie4. Take your pick and receive free express shipping on orders over $130 AUD. To make sure you get exactly what you looked for, we offer a 30 day returns policy.

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