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When you're affected by claw toes, most of the footwear on the market can cause your toes to rub against each other or on the upper of the shoe; this can make even the smallest of steps painful. To alleviate the discomfort and avoid exacerbating the condition, it's crucial to wear only specific types of shoes. At Footgear, you can find a variety of orthopedic shoes for claw toes with flexible soft and breathable uppers and high and broad toe boxes that can accommodate your foot perfectly and minimize friction against the toes. Some of our products also feature removable footbed which allow them to be used with orthotic insoles to make living with the condition more bearable. Explore our specialised claw toe shoe range which includes sandals, trainers and flats by leading comfort footwear brands such as ECCO, Fitflop and Revere.