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Narrow Fitting


If you have a narrower foot, a fore-foot cushion might be your new best friend! If you find yourself in a style that’s feeling too wideand you want to adjust the fit, we have a few tips & tricks that may help.

  • Try a fore foot cushion! (the new best friend we mentioned above)

-Placing a fore-foot foam or leather insert at the front of your shoe will lift the foot taking it into a narrower part of the shoe*. Honestly those few millimetres can make all the difference.

- Slipping at the heel? A fore-foot cushion also lifts the foot back into the heel counter which secures the fit and reduces slipping.

- Check out our range of shoes that include narrow fit inserts *Fit tip - place the insert under the full length footbed (if removeable) for a comfortable feel and to keep it in place.

  • Lacing makes a difference

- When your feet are secured from the instep to the heel, it will help hold your foot comfortably in place.

- Try the ‘hook & loop’ or ‘bar’ lacing set up. These are the most used lacing methods for narrower feet and a tighter fit.

  • We have staff with narrow feet too!! *Everyone’s feet are different, so always trial your new shoes at home where they won’t mark, to make sure you’re happy before wearing them out and about.

Women's Wide Fit

Men's Narrow Fit

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* We know our shoes and your podiatrist/healthcare professional knows your feet. It’s always best to check with your healthcare professional about what you should be looking for in a shoe. We’re always happy to help direct you from there. We recommend trailing your new shoes on a clean floor, inside, where they won’t mark, to make sure you are happy. You can use the returns period time to check the shoes with your podiatrist or healthcare professional if you’re unsure before you start wearing them out and about. Footgear cannot guarantee a shoe will fix a condition for you.