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Metatarsalgia Speciality Shoes

When it comes to picking shoes, take some advice from Goldilocks and make sure they aren't too tight nor too wide, but just right. Otherwise, you're at risk of developing painful and irritating foot problems such as Metatarsalgia. If you're already affected by Metatarsalgia, you're probably struggling with activities that require you to get on your feet, like running and walking. But with the right shoes and podiatrist, you can get back to leading an active lifestyle. At Footgear, you can find a variety of metatarsalgia shoes that are adjustable and conform to your feet for a perfect fit, thus reducing the pressure on muscles, bones and nerves; and ultimately helping to prevent inflammation on the ball of your foot. Whether you're looking for trainers, sandals, slip-ons or thongs – we carry a variety of metatarsal pain relief shoes by Birkenstock, Fitflop and Revere - brands known for their exceptional quality and focus on foot health.