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About Us

Footgear’s passion is to bring you the world’s most comfortable and stylish footwear from only the best brand names in the industry.

Since 2005, Footgear has been providing quality footwear with outstanding customer service. We have six stores in south-east Queensland as well as our online store, all with teams of staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about the shoes we sell.

Not only do our staff have a great knowledge of the fittings and technology of the brands we sell, they also have the personal experience of wearing them.

Our customers appreciate quality workmanship and technology. The footwear we sell has been tested by millions of feet around the world. Our customers, suppliers and our own staff have put this footwear to the test in real-world conditions.

From workwear and day-to-day stylish casual wear through to pounding the cobble-stone streets of Europe, our Footwear will make a difference in your life, your wardrobe and for the health and well-being of your feet.