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Best Women's Sneakers For Comfort and Style

Ladies, we spend a lot of time on our feet! I’m talking to all of you, whether it’s at home, mum duties, working, studying, being out and about for catch-ups with friends and family or travelling (when we can). We hear a lot from women that they hate feeling like they have to sacrifice style and the aesthetics of shoes to get the comfort they need.  At Footgear we believe it’s time this changed. Style does not need to be compromised!

Comfort shoes have a tumultuous fashion history. While they’ve always been connected to those words we love to hear like cushioning, support and durability; they’ve also been known to be stereotyped as clunky, heavy and old-fashioned. Well you can forget those outdated stereotypes and embrace all the good things comfort shoes have to offer at Footgear. We have got you covered!  Check out the list we’ve compiled of our favourite stylish AND comfortable footwear for women that Footgear has on offer. We’re certain you can look and feel great, with the next step you take, in one of the beauties.

With styles, colours, and cuts to suit all tastes, you’ll be sure to find a pair perfect for you.

Our Recommendations

FRANKiE4 Ellie

The FRANKiE4 Ellie is a shoe simply too hard to go past. Coming in a number of colours including rust, silver, tan and black these shoes are incredibly easy to match, whether it be with a classic pair of pants for work or with jeans and low cut summer socks for a chic summer look. Designed by Podiatrist’s & Physiotherapist’s you can be certain your feet will be supported all day long, the soft midsole and leather and foam lining giving you more support for your stride. The footbed can easily be removed to insert your orthotics, allowing you to tailor the shoe to your needs. 

View FRANKiE4 Ellie

FRANKiE4 Elena

The FRANKiE 4 Elena is as stylish as it is comfortable. Embracing the classic and ever on-trend white sneaker, the Elena provides premium cushioning and arch support without the style detractors or heavy materials, keeping the sneaker lightweight. The elastic gusset means you can wear the shoes with or without laces, easily slipped on with a white tee and jeans for a stylish weekend look.

View FRANKiE4 Elena

ECCO Soft 7.0


The contemporary ECCO Soft 7.0’s full grain leather upper and comfortable, lightweight contrasting midsole combines all the elements of a modern and stylish sneaker. The soft and comfortable textile lining keeps your feet cool when you’re out on those hot summer days, perfectly complimentary for a killer summer outfit. 

View ECCO Soft 7.0

ECCO Flexure

The ECCO Flexure is the love-child of the supportive and comfortable athletic shoes you love with the style of a casual sneaker. Made with premium, super soft nappa leather and an ultra cushioned midsole, the Flexure has all the modern materials and styling choices for a sleek and effortlessly feminine look. Available in black, white and silver, these will quickly be added to your sneaker rotation. 

View ECCO Flexure

FRANKiE4 Adelaide

The FRANKiE4 Adelaide displays a sleek, streamlined design on an ever popular white sneaker. The sneaker is crafted with premium leather and shows off stylish patterned statement tabs on the heels. Designed by Podiatrists and packed with supportive cushioning, you will be walking on clouds without all of the heavy materials.

View FRANKiE4 Adelaide

Those were some of our favourite comfortable yet stylish women’s sneakers that we think you will love. We hope we’ve taught you that you don’t have to tolerate wearing uncomfortable shoes or sacrifice your sense of style to be comfortable. With plenty more stylish sneakers online and in store, be sure to check out our women’s sneakers category on our website or drop into one of our many stores, where one of our expert staff can get you sorted.