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Bunions Speciality Shoes

When you have bunions, shopping for shoes is not as simple as picking the first pair you find attractive. Not only do you want to choose a pair you really like, but you also need to make sure that it isn't too tight or rigid to inflame your bunion. To make it easier for you to find shoes that are gentle on your feet and support them properly, we've assembled a range of bunion-friendly footwear known for their quality construction. Made of soft flexible materials, well positioned straps/stitching and anatomical footbeds; our range aims to minimise rubbing and pressure on your bunion. Whether you are travelling, working at an office or running errands around town, our range of bunions shoes from the leading brands such as Ecco, Revere, Frankie4 & Arcopedico can ensure that every step you take is with comfort and confidence. Take a pick from our many stylish designs and forget about any pain associated with your bunions!

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