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Many modern shoe designs are narrow and rigid, causing the toes to crush together and leading to foot deformities like hammer toes. If you have already been afflicted with hammer toes or are at risk of developing them, it's important that you avoid these designs and instead opt for footwear that puts comfort and health first. At Footgear, you can find specialised hammer toe shoes that can give you some relief from this painful and irritating condition and prevent its progression. Our shoe range features designs that feature roomy toe boxes so that your toes sit in an uninterrupted way, in their natural position. In addition, our hammertoe shoe options are made of soft flexible materials that are gentle on hammertoes. Take your time and explore the innovative designs by Arcopedico, Birkenstock, Ecco, Fitflop and Frankie4. We offer free shipping on all orders over $130 AUD and a 30 day returns policy for your peace of mind.